Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Website Music

In todays lesson I deceided to create the music for my home page of my website because when researching I found out that the public engage and prefer websites that contain some sort of interactivity. In order to make my music I used garage band here I used various instruments to make the music more deep rather than just a single instrument I had to change the pitches of some instruments and also the sound levels.

For my enter page I wanted to make a beating heart because I believed that this would attract more people to my website as it had something different that no other website had. As I went along I found out that this was not an easy task to fulfil. I started of by finding images of the heart that I liked and I didn’t find to gory. I then put them into final cut express, a software designed to make and edit videos. I decided to set te background the same colour as the background of my website I did this to make sure that the background of the video did not standout from the page too much. I then made the pumping sound of the heart on garage band. I then  added my edited heart to the beating sound and the out come of this is the beating heart found on my enter page.

These are the images i used:


This is the images in final cut express:

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