Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Here I have added the copyright information to the bottom of each page this increases the believability and authenticity of the page i used a similar style to that of the one i found on the British Heart Foundation website to make it look more believable. Copyright information is needed on websites to inform people that the content cannot be copied.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Story Board For My Video

For my video i want to have Dr Wells in an official environment, to make her role more believable and make her look more at home. I want her to have a stethoscope around her neck to increase the reality of her being a doctor. Fnally i want her to be sitting down at her desk facing the camera so that she looks like a busy doctor who would have a vast knowledge in the heart disease field.
This is my enter page for our main website with our own
animated heart pumping.Made using Final Cut Express.

This is my get involved page with pictures of our
volenteers and information on how to get involved.

This is my facts and advice page with our home doctor
Dr Wells telling us what she believes will help you lead
a healthy heart problem free life.

This is my donate page. Our donation box is linked to paypal (link below)

This is the pay pal website where donations can be made.
This is my contact us page with our contact details,
and there is an area provided where people can
leave comments and feedback. 

This is my where does you money go page which shows
people where their money goes.

This is my research page showing our latest research
breakthroughs, with some of the countries most
tallented and knowledgable research scientists.

This is the my local shops page with information about
our shops and images of our volenteers and our shop.

Website Time Plan

Website Money Box

In todays lesson I decided to edit my money box for my ‘donate’ page. I have planned to link this box to the paypal website enabling people to pay directly to the charity via paypal. For the donation box I took a picture of one in the British Heart Foundation. I needed to edit the logo out and make it look presentable. I did this by using the clone tool, editing the brightness  and also the contrast for this I used photoshop. 

This is the original image: 

 This is the image cropped down in photoshop:   


I then had to zoom in in order to get a clearer view of what I needed to do:  

 This is the final image fully edited:

Website Logo

I used photoshop in order to create my logo for my main website. I have swaped the letter E with a heart in order to connect my logo to my campaign. 

Here you can see me making my logo in photoshop: 


This is my final logo:

Website Music

In todays lesson I deceided to create the music for my home page of my website because when researching I found out that the public engage and prefer websites that contain some sort of interactivity. In order to make my music I used garage band here I used various instruments to make the music more deep rather than just a single instrument I had to change the pitches of some instruments and also the sound levels.

For my enter page I wanted to make a beating heart because I believed that this would attract more people to my website as it had something different that no other website had. As I went along I found out that this was not an easy task to fulfil. I started of by finding images of the heart that I liked and I didn’t find to gory. I then put them into final cut express, a software designed to make and edit videos. I decided to set te background the same colour as the background of my website I did this to make sure that the background of the video did not standout from the page too much. I then made the pumping sound of the heart on garage band. I then  added my edited heart to the beating sound and the out come of this is the beating heart found on my enter page.

These are the images i used:


This is the images in final cut express:

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

This is my school website slideshow. I used Iphoto to edit this. i used a various range of images from all around our school.
this is my school video. I used Final Cut Express to edit the different videos together.
This is my logo I created using photoshop. I used the colours of my school: orange and blue.
this is the main homepage of my school website. i have used vibrant colours and images to grab the attention of the students and parent that visit the school website. The subjects tab is linked to the subjects page below.

The media tab is linked to the media page below.

this is my media page on my media page i have used a video and images as it makes sense to have a wide variety of different media on my media page.