Friday, 8 April 2011

website conventions

In todays lesson, I started my research which needs to be complete in order to have all the information to create my main site which is based on a heart charity. Because of this we researched into charity websites and compared the techniques and common conventions used to convey information for example the layout, font sizes, photo galleries, and interactive parts.

I print screen and annotated  some charity websites. 

By doing this research it has widened my knowledge on normal website conventions for example; I have learnt that colour plays a huge impact on the audiences first impression and too much colour can be distracting to the information needed to be displayed, however in contrast too little colour can make the website seem dull and uninviting.

In order to have the information easily read a layout is conventionally with a banner across the top to vertical side bars a larger block in the middle also a navigation bar is used to show each page of the website. Websites conventionally use interactivey to keep the audience enaged with the website and the information being displayed. For instance;
-roll overs
-visual and audio pieces

When creating my main charity website we will follow the typical website conventions as listed above

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