Friday, 8 April 2011

Main website plan

In today’s lesson I decided to write up a shot list which will contain a list of the pictures that I want to take, the shot list would help me to visualise the images that I want and then go out and take them.

For my main website I have decided to make a campaign site focusing on the issues that arise with heart problems for my website I will be using a variety of audio and visual aids. Images will be a main factor in my site, here is a shot list of some of the pictures I want to take.
I want to take pictures of:
A family, and use Photoshop to fade one member of this family out to make it look as if one member has passed away due to a heart complication and that we as a charity  are  trying to raise awareness about these heart problems ands ways of which they may be prevented.
Someone at the gym or exercising in some way. This will again emphasise the prevention of heart problems. We would also like to have an image of a person eating a healthy balanced diet as this is key to prevention of not just heart problems but a wide variety of other problems as well.
A science lab- where our researchers will be working using the donations and aids provided by the public to try and find new life changing drugs and treatment for heart patients.
Charity shop – to show the wide variety of ways in which people can donate, money, clothes, brick-a-brack, cds, videos and dvds.
Cake sale – the cake sale is just one of the appeals that school children nation wide have done in order to raise money for the ‘Help a Heart foundation’s’ get involved appeal.
I also need to take pictures of people who are suitable to be in various positions in mycharity. For example we need people who look like top end ceo’s and also people who could be working as volunteers for our shops.
I believe that by using a shot list it gives us a chance to plan what exactly I want to do before Ido it. This will intern allow me to visualise what I really want my website to look like and include. So the website is going to be a direct representation of my own thoughts and ideas strung together with the use of planning and clever manipulation of well photographed images using Photoshop.

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