Monday, 24 January 2011

Web Hosting

Website are distributed via the World Wide Web, companies producing the websites will often pay host companies to store the website on their files, when I researched this I found that this could cost anywhere from free to over £100 a month.

One of the most important factors of distributing your website is the domain name, by choosing a name that contains words which are highly searched on search engines the chances of the website being seen is then increased. But these cannot just be any words they must link together with your website/company.
I can register my domain name with many different companies most of these companies offer very similar service but differ in price. I would like to publish my website using Apache. Apache is a public-domain open source Web server software which is maintained by a group of programmers. Apache started in 1995 and by 2009 it was the first sever to go past the 100 million mark. I chose this server because when I did research I found that it was a very commonly used server and a very high reputation.
I will put my website on Google as it is the leading search engine and by using Google I am almost guaranteed traffic to my site. To make my website even more visible I could use

‘’ by paying £5 a month I will be able to put my website into the ‘ads’ part on the Google page.

Website analysis

Media Website Analysis.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


As my media as level coursework I have been asked to design and produce a school website using Iweb. The website should consist of 2 pages  with one of these being a linked fully functioning page. For my website i will be using pictures that i have taken and manipulated my self using adobe Photoshop. I will be following the standard conventions of a school website using colours that complement each other and are bright but not too bright. the colors i have chosen to use are light blue and orange i chose these colors as they are not  generally associated with schools which would hopefully mean that people would always remember my website and my school. my school embalm will be in the top left of the page following the normal conventions of a school website. 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


During todays lesson i did some web research by looking at school websites and then analyzing them and finding out what things are conventional for school sites such as a color and sidebars ect.